How to get women to like beer? In Australia, serve it in wine glasses.

April 6, 2009 at 3:22 pm

Source: The Courier Mail (Australia). April 7, 2009 Tuesday. Women like chic beer in a wine glass. by Rory Gibson.

From the article:

Kirkegaard’s business Good Beer Lunches (, holds regular beer education classes, matching food and beer.

“We had a lot of ladies coming along with their husbands and partners who at first claimed to not really like beer. During the course of the lunch they suddenly discovered that there was a lot more to beer and a far wider range of flavours than they realised — and they liked them, especially when matched with food.”

“The beer classes for women have shown that if you present beers with flavour, that pair well with a whole range of foods, and you make the experience slightly more elegant by serving the beer in a wine glass, champagne flute or anything other than the large glasses that men customarily drink from, women will take to it with enthusiasm.”

— S.S.


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