Police hot on the trail of these wine-stealing burglars!

April 7, 2009 at 11:35 am

Source: Redditch Standard, Worcestershire, England. Champagne & wine meant for wedding stolen from garage

These cops are sharp! They’ve figured out that the thieves probably used a car to haul away the 6 cases and 200 bottles! And I love how they call the person who is going to get married, the “victim.”

From the article :

Burglars broke into the garage of a house in Blakemere Close between 8pm on Friday, April 3 and 10.30am on Monday, April 6 and stole six cases of pink champagne and over 200 bottles of wine, including some Chilean wine and some Bin 65. The drink had been bought in readiness for the victim s wedding, due to take place this summer.

A police spokesman said: “We understand a car had been parked in front of the garage door each night and so it’s likely the offence took place in daylight hours. “Offenders have almost certainly used a vehicle to transport the wine and champagne and it would have taken quite a while to load up.”

— S.S.


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