Mix medicines with wine? The ancients did it.

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Source: Forbes. Pharoah’s Wine Jar Yields Medicinal Secrets. 04.12.09

And we always thought you were NOT supposed to mix alcohol and medicine! Little do we know. The ancient Egyptians did it and look where it got them. In fact, one guy, Scorpion I (must have been a wrestler), kept a few jars of his wine/medicine concoction in his tomb, just in case he woke up from the dead with a tummy ache.

From the article:

Sophisticated analysis of residues found in wine jars left in the tomb of Scorpion 1, perhaps the first pharaoh, shows that the wine had been steeped in herbs including balm, coriander, mint and sage, according to a report published in this week’s issue April 13 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

That tomb dates back to 3150 B.C., explained lead researcher Patrick E. McGovern, a senior research scientist at the University of Pennsylvania Museum Applied Science Center for Archaeology.

“This is the earliest evidence we have of herbs being added to wine,” McGovern said. “The earliest previous evidence we had was an alcoholic beverage from China from around 1200 B.C. That one had possibly wormwood or chrysanthemum in it, or a tree resin.”

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