Vineyards all over the world often have rosebushes growing at the end of vine rows. What is their purpose?

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The Wine Teasers is: Vineyards all over the world often have rosebushes growing at the end of vine rows. What is their purpose?

A: To honor the wine god Bacchus, a rose-lover
B: To be an early warning system for fungus and disease
C: To attract insects away from the vines

Like all Wine Teasers, this question comes with a big hint. If you were actually playing the game, you’d move ahead faster without the hint, but since this game is for beginners as well as wine experts, the hints help keep everyone in the game!

Hint: You should plant one in your shower.

Answer: B. Like the canary in a coal mine, rosebushes, being more susceptible to disease, start looking sickly before vines do. This gives vineyard workers time to treat the vines before it’s too late.

That’s an actual question from Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers wine game, the most fun, zany, unintimidating wine game on the planet!

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