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The saucer-shaped Champagne glass was supposedly modeled on…

The Wine Teasers is: The saucer-shaped Champagne glass was supposedly modeled on:

A: Marie Antoinette’s breast
B: The head of Dom Perignon’s infant son
C: A Spanish orange

Like all Wine Teasers questions, it doesn’t really matter if you know the answer, because each question has a GREAT BIG HINT.  You move ahead more quickly if you don’t need the hint, but it’s always there, ensuring that  Wine Teasers wine game is playable by even people who know little about wine.

Hint: Let them drink 34B!

Answer: A. This glass, called a “coupe,” is now out of fashion, since its wide surface area allows bubbles to dissipate. Much better is the long, thin tulip or flute-shaped glass. No word on what or who was the model for that.

That’s an actual question from Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers wine game, the most fun, zany, unintimidating wine game on the planet!


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