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Wine Teasers at Barnes & Noble

Wine Teasers at Barnes & Noble

Wine Teasers at Barnes & Noble

Wine Teasers is in Barnes & Noble stores throughout the country. They’re not at BN Online, but they’re in the stores.

Where do you find them in the stores? Look for a display titled “Gifts” or in some stores “Entertainment” or something similar. It will probably look like the photo on the right — at least in my experience, that’s where they seem to be most commonly found.

In the photo on the right, Wine Teasers is on the second shelf, right side.

Even if you ask and they can’t find the game, don’t give up until you’ve searched the “gifts” or “entertainment” displays – in one store, the clerk couldn’t find the games, but after more searching, I found it on this display.



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Everyone knows what the date on the bottle means, right? Or do they?

The Wine Teasers is: Everyone knows what the date on the bottle means, right? Or do they? It indicates:

A: When the wine was bottled
B: When the grapes were harvested
C: The ideal time to drink

While most people will know it’s not C, many people won’t know for sure if the answer is A or B. But it’s OK not to know for sure because all Wine Teasers questions have a GREAT BIG HINT, which usually nudges people toward the right answer.  Players move ahead more quickly if they don’t need the hint, but it’s always there, ensuring that  Wine Teasers wine game is playable by even people who know little about wine.

Hint: Ask John Deere

John Deere … harvested … sure, it’s a little corny (ha ha), but it’s a definite nudge toward the right anwser.

Answer: B. The reason vintages matter is because weather conditions can be so different from year to year. Especially in Europe. In regions like Australia and America it’s not as big a deal.

That’s an actual question from Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers wine game, the most fun, zany, unintimidating wine game on the planet!

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What is Wine Teasers?

Wine Teasers Wine Game

Cork Jester's Wine Teasers wine game is a trendy, educational game that combines trivia, hints, chance, and even the occasional diabolical maneuver to provide a fun and unpretentious wine learning experience. Teams of players answer questions, discuss topics, loot virtual wines from each other, and have a fun, educational experience along the way. Wine Teasers’ motto, “The FUN way to learn wine,” describes the game perfectly

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