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Wine Stocking Stuffer

Sure, we’re partial over here at Wine Teasers, but if you’re looking for a wine-related stocking stuffer, we think you should consider Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers.

The game measures about 4 x 6 x 1 inch – just the right size for almost any stocking you can think of.

In fact, that’s one of the things people like about this game – it fits easily into a purse or a jacket pocket.

Why is that cool? Well, do YOU want to be the person who walks into a get-together with a big board game that basically shouts, “Hey everyone, PLAY ME!” Regardless of how well the conversation is flowing, no matter how much fun people are having doing something else, nobody can completely ignore the fact that someone brought a game, and at any moment that game might intrude on an otherwise wonderful evening.

No, you don’t want to be that person. That’s why, with Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers in your purse or pocket, you don’t even have to reveal you brought a game, but if the conversation starts to lag, if the get-together is FIZZLING LIKE A BAD BUBBLY, that’s when you say, “Hey, anyone want to try this cute little wine game I found?”

And then, you’re a rock star.

So help your friends be rock stars. Stuff their stockings with Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers. They’ll thank you. Really, they will!


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Wine Teasers at Amazon

There’s still plenty of time left to order Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers from! Follow this link: Wine Teasers at Amazon to order.

Wine Teasers is in stock and ships direct from Amazon. It qualifies for all the Amazon extras like free SUPER SAVER shipping on orders over $25, gift wrapping, Amazon Prime, etc.

Wine Teasers at

Wine Teasers at

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What is Wine Teasers?

Wine Teasers Wine Game

Cork Jester's Wine Teasers wine game is a trendy, educational game that combines trivia, hints, chance, and even the occasional diabolical maneuver to provide a fun and unpretentious wine learning experience. Teams of players answer questions, discuss topics, loot virtual wines from each other, and have a fun, educational experience along the way. Wine Teasers’ motto, “The FUN way to learn wine,” describes the game perfectly

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