Sorry, no Mother’s Day wine quiz!

We had requests for a Mother’s Day wine quiz – something to parallel the Father’s Day Wine Quiz, but we didn’t quite get to it in time. Sorry wine quiz fans!

Well, now we have a whole year to work on it.

Still, don’t you think mom will probably enjoy the Father’s Day Wine Quiz more than dad will? It is a little, how do they say, derisive?


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The saucer-shaped Champagne glass was supposedly modeled on…


The Wine Teasers is: The saucer-shaped Champagne glass was supposedly modeled on:

A: Marie Antoinette’s breast
B: The head of Dom Perignon’s infant son
C: A Spanish orange

Like all Wine Teasers questions, it doesn’t really matter if you know the answer, because each question has a GREAT BIG HINT.  You move ahead more quickly if you don’t need the hint, but it’s always there, ensuring that  Wine Teasers wine game is playable by even people who know little about wine.

Hint: Let them drink 34B!

Answer: A. This glass, called a “coupe,” is now out of fashion, since its wide surface area allows bubbles to dissipate. Much better is the long, thin tulip or flute-shaped glass. No word on what or who was the model for that.

That’s an actual question from Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers wine game, the most fun, zany, unintimidating wine game on the planet!

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Free shipping on last-minute wine stocking stuffer

There’s still time to qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping on Wine Teasers wine game at Just follow this link: Wine Teasers at

At $12.95 there’s no better stocking stuffer related to wine! Read more about it at the Wine Teasers website, then go to to make your purchase with free shipping (according to’s $25 purchase rules).

Wine Teasers at Amazon

Wine Teasers at Amazon

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New Review of Wine Teasers as Gift Idea

The folks at Chicago’s Strongbox Wine Cellar have posted a nice, short review of Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers wine game.

Their main reason for recommending Wine Teasers as a wine gift is summed up in their statement, “A bottle you would recommend is a decent option, but something such a friend might appreciate even more is a way to increase their own acumen for wine”

We agree! Head over to and grab a copy of Wine Teasers today!

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Wine Teasers in Top 10 Stocking Stuffers at

Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers is in fine company in’s list of Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Wine Lovers.

We share the stage with the Vacu-Vin Gift Pack, Wine Themed Cuff Links, Cork Stoppers, Wine Aroma Kit, and other Christmas Themed Wine Accessories.

We always we knew we were the best wine stocking stuffer out there, but it’s great to be recognized! Thanks,! Check out some other media accolades here.

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Wine Card Games

Seems like most trivia games simply provide questions and answers. The person who knows the most about the topic wins.  Play a few times with the same people and there’s no hope for all but Mr. Smarty Pants, who wins incessantly, wants to play repeatedly, and who everyone else just wants to strangle.

The same is true for most wine card games, which provide a deck of questions and answers and have rules that amount to no more than counting correct answers. If there’s a wine snob in the room, these games have the potential to make just about everyone feel miserable.

But even worse, many people who are well-educated about wine feel embarrassed playing these kinds of games. They don’t want to look like know-it-alls. They want to have fun, just like everyone else. If they know enough about wine to share their knowledge, they don’t want to do it at the expense of someone else LOSING while  they WIN. Most wine tasting parties and other social gatherings at which wine is being enjoyed and discussed are most definitely not competitive environments.

We at Wine Teasers Wine Game have very purposefully taken a different approach to wine trivia. The rules make it  clear that the trivia is not used to divide players. The questions, answers, and discussion points provide a platform to learn more about wine, to bring people together as they experience something they enjoy. Sure, there will be a winning team at the end of the game, but along the way, everyone realizes that the winning team didn’t necessarily know more about wine. They pooled their ideas, they made the most of  the playful hints, or maybe they just got lucky. Nobody ever feels bad when playing Wine Teasers Wine Game!

That’s our approach. We think it sets us apart from other wine trivia games. Give us a try. We’re easy to pick up at or True Fabrications. Read some of our media reviews while you’re at it.

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Legally, on American wine labels, the term “Reserve” designates:

It’s been eons since we posted an actual Wine Teasers question so here goes:

The Wine Teaser is: Legally, on American wine labels, the term “Reserve” designates:

A: Top-quality grapes
B: Longer barrel aging
C: Nothing at all

And, as usual, here comes the GREAT BIG HINT.  Players move ahead more quickly if they don’t need the hint, but it’s always there, ensuring that  Wine Teasers wine game is playable by even people who know little about wine.

Hint: We don’t need no stinkin’ rules.

Answer: C. In European countries, Reserve is a legal term with very strict rules about quality and ageing. In America, it’s every man for himself. Some wineries use it for their best grapes, or for longer oak-aging, while others slap it on their cheapest junk.

That’s an actual question (one of the more serious ones, you might notice) from Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers wine game, the most fun, zany, unintimidating wine game on the planet!

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Another great place to buy a great wine game!

Here’s another great place to buy Wine Teasers wine game, the must-have wine accessory for holidays 2010!

Who or what is True Fabrications, you ask? They’re about the biggest distributor of wine accessories in the United States. While they’re well-known in the wine wholesale world, everyday consumers are probably not as familiar with the name. But you’ve probably seen their displays of wine accessories, since those displays are up in thousands of wine-selling establishments throughout the nation.

So pop over to True Fabrications and take a look at Wine Teasers there, along with lots of other outstanding wine accessories.

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Wine.woot sells first edition of Wine Teasers game

The first edition version of Wine Teasers wine game recently had a quick sellout at wine.woot.

Some people were wondering if the  Wine Teasers edition for sale at wine.woot was the same as the edition for sale at and at the Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers website.

The answer is NO, it’s a completely different edition.

The first edition game is not available on the retail market. The ONLY place you can get it is at wine.woot, where they sell it every now and then, either by itself or bundled with another wine accessory. Just one more great reason to visit the wine.woot site on a regular basis!

What’s the difference between the two editions?

First, Jennifer Rosen, Cork Jester, did the content for the second edition, not the first. As the publisher and creator of the first edition, I can tell you that Jennifer’s expertise, witty writing, and insider wine knowledge is the reason that the 2nd edition got all the outstanding media reviews and is still selling like gangbusters today.

While we at Fine Wine Games, Inc. still have fond thoughts about the 1st edition (probably because we had so much of our own blood, sweat, and tears invested in it), and people did like it, the 2nd edition is the current hot retail product and the only Wine Teasers game that’s available at, Barnes & Noble stores (not online), and other stores across the country.

Major differences in the two editions include:

  • Second edition is the Jennifer Rosen edition with the Cork Jester brand.
  • Second edition has all new content – no content from the first edition is duplicated in the 2nd edition
  • Second edition includes labels, descriptions, tasting notes, etc. of real-life wines. First edition describes generic wines.
  • Second edition has replaced the dice with another method of chance. It’s 100% paper product, no dice required to play.
  • Second edition has completely different packaging – it’s burgundy colored, not green, and still fits in a purse or pocket.
  • Second edition is still for sale at MSRP at – because it continues to sell so well, Amazon has never seen the need to discount the price (whereas almost all wine game competitors have had their price reduced by Amazon). That means it’s worth every penny people pay for it.

So for those of you looking for a great wine gift, a stocking stuffer, or just something fun to do with the holiday guests, head over to the how to buy page and grab a game or two in time for the partying!

And don’t forget to check in on a regular basis at wine.woot – they’re sure to have the first edition showing up again every now and then.

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Educational wine gift or fun wine gift?

We got an email yesterday from someone shopping for a fun wine gift who wondered how heavy the “educational” part of Cork Jesters Wine Teasers is.

The answer is that the game is an actual card game with rules that work, meaning it can be played just for fun with no learning required. The rules keep things moving at a good pace and offer a bit of chance along with the opportunity for minor skulduggery.  It’s definitely a game, so that makes it a fun wine gift.

Wine Teasers Wine Bottle CardHOWEVER, for people who want to learn about wine, Wine Teasers wine game offers many opportunities. In fact, one of the Wine Teasers product reviews state that the game can be used as an excellent source of wine reference. So it’s also an excellent educational wine gift.

Players (the more-or-less sober ones, that is) can absorb a lot of good, accurate wine information as they play. Nobody HAS to do that, but it’s there for those who want it. Each question has a one-paragraph answer that goes a little more in depth. People who want to play fast often ignore those explanations. Those who want to learn a bit more or who have their interest piqued by a question spend a moment or two on the explanation.

Another big take-it-or-leave-it learning opportunity lies in the wine bottle cards. The game includes 30 cards that represent real-life wines. Those cards have descriptions that include the grape, origins, tasting notes, food pairings, and price range. The image shows one of those cards.

People have reported that they’ve taken the wine cards with them when shopping for wine. The cards fit easily in a pocket, and with real images of wine labels, the cards make it easy to find the wine of interest.

So what’s the answer? Is Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers an educational wine gift or is it a fun wine gift? The answer is: “YES!”

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